Phone Call

Yesterday I got a text from my sister asking if I were free to chat. We played phone tag a couple weeks ago and the game faded before we actually connected. I called my sister immediately after receiving her message and she picked up the phone, laughing. “You didn’t need to call right away,” she said.

Actually, I did. I love my sister to death, but she doesn’t know that because her communication with our family has been so erratic since she started college, we have an unspoken policy of dropping everything to talk to her when she decides it’s a good time. My mother, who normally goes to bed by 11:30, has been on the phone with my sister well past midnight if that’s when my sister calls. My father, who normally rushes around from meeting to meeting, will postpone everything related to work to call her back. So even though I’d just walked into the house and was halfway upstairs to say hi to my roommate who was working from home, I paused my hello, went back down the stairs, and called my sister.

We had a long, lovely chat and I was glad that we did. It was good to catch up with her, and to learn that she’ll be home for a week at the beginning of June. She’s preparing to spend a year in Spain and I’m preparing to spend two in Malaysia, so we commiserated about the difficulties of getting paperwork in order and applying for visas. Now that she’s done with college, we also talked about her studying for the GREs, summer research with a professor, and her first date with someone outside her peer group. Life really does start to happen in a totally different way after college, and it was refreshing to talk about that with my sister. I do enjoy living vicariously through her tales of concerts, parties, and get-togethers (she is a much cooler, bolder, more exciting person that I ever was) but interacting with her as an adult is a nice change. We’re both getting ready for adventures abroad and I’m glad to share that experience with her.

As they say, “I smile because you’re my sister and I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Les fleurs

It has been a couple weeks since my last post. Sorry about that. I’ve been very busy at work, and while it’s not an excuse, it’s my justification for not writing. When I was doing my 365 Photos project, I was neurotic about posting every day; one of my goals this year was to be nice to myself, and I can only be neurotic about so many things. Sometimes Emily and I just have to watch Mad Men. (And sometimes I just have to grade essays.)

Anyway. The theme of today’s post is, believe or not, NOT me making excuses. No, it’s about spring. This week has been getting warmer by the day and I think it might be here to stay this time. At any rate, the flowers in my yard are blooming. I hope the same is true for you, wherever you are!




Music to My Ears

The ways in which parts become wholes has always been intriguing to me, which is probably why I love to cook. I love to create, and I am fascinated with the process of creation. It’s incredible to think of how distinct pieces, any pieces, can fit together to make something completely different, like a road, an airplane, a jigsaw puzzle, even a garden.

Today’s photography post, however, focuses on lighter subject matter. Somehow, thanks to some clever people, these pieces . . .

Part SixPart One Part Two  Part Four Part Five

Part Seven
Part Three





became this  . . .

The Whole


And music, previously inaccessible by listener discretion, was suddenly available. For everyone. At any time.

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