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Podcast Interview #3

About a year ago, I had the privilege of recording an episode of IB Teacher Talk with my colleagues Dan and Rachael. We talked about all things DP Psychology and Theory of Knowledge. You can find the link to that episode here.

Right after school ended this year, I was back in Dan’s kitchen (shh that’s probably supposed to be a secret) to record another episode, this time a brief overview of the international teaching experience. You can have a listen here. We all really appreciate your support and hope that you enjoy and learn something!

(And if you’re interested in hearing me talk about the Extended Essay, you can find the link to my very first podcast interview on Ivy League Prep Academy here.)

My First Podcast Interview

This was a new one for me! Once upon a time I wrote a brief piece about travelling in Sri Lanka for a blog (I have since lost that piece, unfortunately) but I’ve never been on a podcast before!

Steve and I sat down for half an hour to chat about the Extended Essay, a requirement of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. As my school’s EE coordinator, I’m responsible for managing the students and their supervisors during the year(ish) that they work on this extended research project. If you’re an IB student or teacher or if you’re an interested individual, hopefully you’ll find this useful!

You can listen here. Enjoy!