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Late August

This is the time of year when teachers begin to think about school. In my case, I’m thinking about how much I have to do before school starts and how I really don’t want to do it. As much as I love teaching, I’m still in summer mode. I’ve been working on the boat a lot this past week, and the signs of summer that we see every day are not helping me work on school.

A pretty dock in Fairport

However, I am looking forward to the start of the school year because I love school! I chose to be there! I can’t wait to meet my new students, new colleagues, try out new ideas, revise old ones, and be a better teacher than I was last year. I’m also taking Italian (just for fun) at our local community college. I don’t know how to not be a student.

Another goal for the school year is to revitalize this blog. I loved doing it and then I stopped, for reasons still unclear to me. I’m going to aim for a post once a week, probably Wednesday because that’s the middle of the work week and it’s all downhill from there. So keep following, please and thank you!

Enjoy the last bit of summer!

Les fleurs sont trés belles, non?

Pretty flowers, wouldn't you say?



When I came back from my run tonight, I sat on the porch for a few minutes to cool off and calm my breathing. I found myself staring at the bush in front of the porch railing and I wanted to share what I saw. Sharing with others really is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Unfortunately, no one really believes that in kindergarten, and then sometimes we forget as we get older.