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Les fleurs sont trés belles, non?

Pretty flowers, wouldn't you say?



When I came back from my run tonight, I sat on the porch for a few minutes to cool off and calm my breathing. I found myself staring at the bush in front of the porch railing and I wanted to share what I saw. Sharing with others really is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Unfortunately, no one really believes that in kindergarten, and then sometimes we forget as we get older.


Today my 77 freshmen turned in research papers on present-day religious conflict. I brought 30 of them home with me and meant to take a picture of the budding bush right outside the front door before I started grading. Alas, I forgot and started on the papers. Later tonight, in an attempt to procrastinate, I went outside to take the pictures.

In doing so, I learned a couple things about photography that I didn’t know when I was working on my 365 Photos Project. Firstly, I learned that it is rather ineffective to take pictures at dusk with a fairly standard camera and little knowledge of how to use it is. Secondly, I reaffirmed by belief that iPhoto is a magical tool.

Flowers at DuskP1020770

47 papers waiting on my desk tomorrow . . . and a whole list things to do. Perhaps there will be more photos coming your way!