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What blog?

Well, I’m certainly not going to win any points for blogging this summer! Life in Rochester at the moment is certainly much calmer and quieter than life travelling around Southeast Asia and trying to teach at a school trying desperately to prevent teaching. It’s certainly been a welcome calm.

Mitch has been interviewing for jobs across the country and I’ve been getting ready for my move to Singapore. I’ll be teaching three new courses come August. I’ve taught pieces of two of them before and none of the third, so I’m trying to get as much basic content work as possible completed before I go so I can focus on pedagogy and resources when I’m there. I didn’t plan to spend this summer working on the boat again, but one of the captains called me and begged, so I’m doing that, too.

And yes, my summer “office” is gorgeous.

Otherwise, this has been another chapter in my journey to find out who my real friends are. There are people in Rochester who I no longer feel the need to see, and people I wish were still interested in keeping in touch. On the other hand, there are people in Malaysia with whom I’m still in touch. I’m also in touch with friends who left Malaysia months ago, both of which make me happy. I’m trying really hard to focus on people who care about me now, not people who cared about me (or who I cared about) back in the day.

All this to say, I know I’ve been neglecting my blog. It’s not really been on my radar at all, with all this focusing on the here and now. Except a whole host of updates and regular posts when I get to Singapore in a little over two weeks. For now, enjoy the pictures of the Erie Canal! And, as always, thanks for reading.

Summer Nights

A great pleasure since returning to the East Coast of the USA has been long evenings. The sun sets much later here in the summer than in Malaysia and Singapore. The Summer Solstice was two days ago; the sun rose at 5:31am and set at 8:54pm. Unfortunately, the days get shorter from here, leading to the Winter Solstice on December 21 when the sun will rise at 7:40am and set at 4:38pm. In Malaysia and Singapore the sun rises and sets between 7 and 7:30 all year long. Time doesn’t seem to pass nearly as quickly.

Last night, Mitch and I drove out to Mendon Ponds Park in the evening. Mendon Ponds is the largest of Monroe County’s parks with 2,500 acres of land and water. We stopped at Hundred Acre Pond to take in the spectacular view. (Please click on the picture – it’s a panorama and it shows up much more clearly when enlarged.)

Hundred Acre Pond

As excited as I am to be returning to Southeast Asia, words cannot express my joy at being in such a beautiful place for the summer.

When Winter Meets Summer

As I’ve mentioned, Malaysia is hot and humid all the time. Indoors is always air conditioned, though, so you actually do need to walk around with a sweater (or just be okay being cold). I didn’t expect to move to a tropical climate and miss my cardigans, but that’s what’s happened.

Because Malaysia is a tropical climate, it has some really beautiful beaches. Yesterday the primary staff went on an outing to Port Dickson after work, which is about a 30 minute drive through palm oil plantations from Seremban.

Port Dickson
Port Dickson
I live in a place with palm trees!
I live in a place with palm trees!








We had a really lovely time walking in the water because it’s so warm! The sand was warm and soft, too. And, of course, being around saltwater means that appetites wake up. Since the palm trees are so plentiful, the cure for that is to literally eat from nature’s fruits.



The sun starts to set much earlier here than it does at home because we’re so much closer to the equator. It’s dark by about 7:30. We left the beach shortly after 6 and the late afternoon/early evening sun was really beautiful.



In complete contrast to summer, people in Malaysia have to actually think about other types of weather because there are certain items of clothing they don’t need in their regular lives. Mitch and I could not stop laughing when we spotted a store called Winter Time in the mall where our hotel is located.

My first comment what, "Do people really think it's cold here?"
My first comment what, “Do people really think it’s cold here?”

Of course we had to go take a look around. A closer examination of the store revealed complete sets of outdoor winter attire – coats, boots, scarves, mitts, gloves, etc. – and luggage. And that’s when we figured out, “Oh, people must travel to places where it’s winter.” My second thought was, “Why?” but people like to go on vacations that are different from their real lives and winter is different from real life here.

If finance doesn't work out, Mitch can always consider a career as a model for Winter Time
If finance doesn’t work out, Mitch can always consider a career as a model for Winter Time

Wherever you are, whatever your weather – here’s to travel and adventure!