Today my 77 freshmen turned in research papers on present-day religious conflict. I brought 30 of them home with me and meant to take a picture of the budding bush right outside the front door before I started grading. Alas, I forgot and started on the papers. Later tonight, in an attempt to procrastinate, I went outside to take the pictures.

In doing so, I learned a couple things about photography that I didn’t know when I was working on my 365 Photos Project. Firstly, I learned that it is rather ineffective to take pictures at dusk with a fairly standard camera and little knowledge of how to use it is. Secondly, I reaffirmed by belief that iPhoto is a magical tool.

Flowers at DuskP1020770

47 papers waiting on my desk tomorrow . . . and a whole list things to do. Perhaps there will be more photos coming your way!

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