So little time!

Two weeks since my last post – yikes, sorry about that!

In the last two weeks I’ve finished the school year with a wonderful group of students and said goodbyes to my colleagues and friends from the past three years. I left my school with my desk empty, my arms full of boxes, and my heart a jumble of emotions.

Now that my exams are graded, sealed, and stored, I’ve been spending most of my time figuring out everything I need to do because leaving for Malaysia on August 20. The ever-growing to-do list includes the following:

  • Figure out bank account
  • Figure out cell phone
  • Get rid of old clothes
  • Store winter clothes
  • Buy new summer work clothes
  • Get rid of “stuff”
  • Sell car
  • Pack things to save here
  • Move out of apartment
  • Store furniture
  • Visit relatives
  • Make money at summer job
  • Pack things to go to Malaysia
  • Go over teaching resources for my new school
  • Learn new curriculum
  • Try not to panic


Confession: I like to make lists and systematically go through them and check off tasks. I do not like waiting until the last minute. There’s a lot of waiting until the last minute going on here, and it’s driving me up a wall. I can’t get rid of my cell phone until I sell my car, and I can’t sell my car until I leave my apartment, which I can’t do until I pack all my things into boxes that either go to Goodwill or into my car to move to storage (at my parents’ house and Mitch’s mum’s house), which I can’t do until the beginning of August because there’s so much more to do between now and then!

Try not to panic. Check.

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