Room for cream?

I’ve always taken my coffee black. I started drinking coffee in college, not because I needed the caffeine but because getting a cup of coffee was often more convenient than getting a meal. I didn’t start having coffee in the morning until my second year teaching, actually, and even then it was more for the taste. My mum used to make her coffee with a bit of milk and a bit of brown sugar, but my dad never did. Mum stopped drinking coffee when I was 14 (long story that involves a bad cup of joe on an airplane) so my dad was my role model. Nowadays, I like to think that I drink coffee for the taste, but I do find myself with a headache around noon if I skip a morning cup. Addicted? Yes, I’d say so.

This afternoon I went to Pour Coffee Parlor with a book. I ordered just a regular cup of coffee and was delighted by the presentation:

Afternoon cup of joe

Pour also has a very trendy, hip vibe. This isn’t the greatest picture (my table faced the window) but hopefully it gives you an insight into the industrial yet welcoming feel of the place. The flowers on the tables are a nice touch.

Interior of Pour

Room for cream? No, but thanks for asking!

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