Summer Lovin’

The following conversation took place between my mum and my zaidy (grandfather in Yiddish) when Mum, Mitch, and I took a trip to Montreal to visit Mum’s side of the family this weekend.

Context: Bubbie (grandmother in Yiddish) and Zaidy are going to Florida for a couple weeks in December, and my Bubbie is not a small woman. She bought a very flattering bathing suit that covers as much as can be covered.

Mum: Dad, do you like Mummy’s new bathing suit?
Zaidy: Meh, it’s for old ladies.
Mum: What, you think she should wear something sexy?
Zaidy: Well yeah. It’s for old ladies. Why should she cover everything up?

More context: Bubbie is 74 and Zaidy is 78.

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