One of my new pastimes here in Seremban is playing badminton. Badminton is a very popular and competitive sport throughout Southeast Asia and there’s a really nice court near school. A group has been playing Tuesday nights for about 6 weeks now, perhaps longer. Two weeks ago, one of the other girls and I decided to join them and we had a great time! We had an open day at school yesterday and five of us got through the day by counting the hours until we were allowed to leave and go play badminton. It’s a great workout and I find myself improving noticeably each time we play.

Those who know me know that I am not an athletic person. I run primarily because I can do that without disappointing anyone else and without having to focus on throwing, catching, or hitting, all of which involve hand-eye coordination that, sadly, I lack. I’ve been playing a lot of pool here, too, because there are pool tables in the bars that we frequent most often. I’m not good, not even a little bit, but it’s a lot of fun.

The most recent game I’ve learned to play is darts. Previously, I’d simply thrown darts at a dartboard because I was with someone who wanted to throw darts at a dartboard. Unless I’m very much mistaken, those dartboard were usually in friends’ basements and magnetic or something that wouldn’t damage walls. Darts involves aiming, which is hard for me. That’s also my problem with pool, I think. But I’m more competitive with myself than I am with other people, so it works out okay.

The apartments we were promised are still under construction, but we’ve asked for a pool table and dart board in the communal space. With any luck, I’ll be a better player when I leave Malaysia than I was when I arrived.

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