Thank a Teacher

A pretty rose

Friday was Teachers Day at school and I walked away with 14 roses, a purse, a mug full of candy, several cards, and a slew of “thanks for everything” and “we love you” messages on my board.

My students, adorably, wanted to know if there’s a Students Day. I had to laugh when I told them that every day is Students Day.

Teachers Day, or Teacher Appreciation Day, always makes me think about what I’ve learned and from whom. Most people have had the honor and the pleasure of teaching someone else, formally or informally, recognized or unrecognized. Teachers aren’t always the people in our classrooms; often, they’re people in the “real world” of our lives. I truly believe that each person has something to offer and something to teach. As life-long learners, which I think everyone is and should strive to be, I hope we have the capacity to seek out individual strengths and learn from them.

For example, if you can read this, you are proving that your school teachers, home teachers, and world teachers taught you the most important of skills – how to read. It took more than one person, more than one day, and more than one experience for you to read your name, read a book, read a news article, read this post.

If you can read this, thank a teacher.

Another pretty rose

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