Dad and Daughter Do Asia

Today’s the day!

Couldn’t be more excited. I think I’ve been counting down to today since I landed in Singapore in July. Today’s the day my dad arrives in Singapore!

When I was in Malaysia and really struggling over whether or not to take this job in Singapore, my dad made me a deal. He knew I wanted to be in Singapore and he knew I was afraid of committing to it because I didn’t want another experience like the one I had in Malaysia. So, he promised me that if I ended up in Singapore for this school year, he’d come visit. I think he made that promise expecting I’d stay in the US once I went back for the summer, but the joke’s on him!

Dad drove to Toronto Tuesday night EST, got on a Hong Kong-bound flight at 2am EST on Wednesday, landed in Hong Kong a little before 5am local time today (Thursday), got on a flight to Singapore at 8am local time, and should be arriving within the hour. Long trip, and I am so glad that he decided to come.

Tomorrow is my last day of school before a week-long, much-needed October break. We’re flying to Bangkok, Thailand tomorrow night; to Hanoi, Vietnam Monday morning; to Da Nang, Vietnam Thursday afternoon and then driving to Hoi An where we’ll be staying; and then back to Singapore on Sunday. Dad will be in Singapore until Tuesday morning, and then he’ll fly back to Hong Kong for a few days there before heading home on Friday.

According to Google, Dad is due to land at Changi Airport in 42 minutes.

Yes, I’m counting.

Update: Want to learn more about our trip? Here are my posts for our time in Bangkok, Hanoi, and Hoi An. Happy travels!

6 thoughts on “Dad and Daughter Do Asia”

  1. I am following too, Rebecca. By my count and my time he should be arriving about now. Took him to the airport many hours ago. Hope we’ll hear from him.
    Have a GREAT visit and trip!!


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