Flowers for Her Birthday

Tuesday is my friend Jamie’s birthday and four of us started celebrating this afternoon with a beautiful high tea at Pollen, which is inside the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay. The delicious food just about made up for the mediocre service and the setting inside the Flower Dome is really beautiful. The cost of high tea at Pollen includes admission to the Flower Dome, so we walked around there for a couple hours afterwards and took pictures of each other and of the stunning Japanese cherry blossoms exhibit. We also walked through the permanent exhibit of succulents and baobabs just because they’re pretty (and less air-conditioned and therefore not freezing).

I didn’t have my camera so the photos are off of my phone. Enjoy!

And just to prove I was actually there (because I rarely have pictures of myself in places that I visit) Jamie took this photo of me:


Lovely day with lovely people!

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