Chinese Garden

One of my Singapore Bucket List items was (note the use of past tense!) to visit the Chinese Garden in Jurong Lake. I didn’t even know it existed until it showed up as the banner photo on my bank’s website. The website has gorgeous photos of Singapore and they’re helpfully all labeled with the location! A stunning sunset photo of the Twin Pagodas at the Singapore Chinese Garden shows up fairly often in my online banking experiences. I expected the pagodas to be massive because that’s how they look in the photo but that actually wasn’t the case at all. You can see for yourself in the gallery below.

The Chinese Garden is out west on the East-West Line, which is a pretty far MRT ride from where I live, which is towards the northern end of the North-East Line. Without a friend, I would have brought a book but I was lucky enough to have a friend! Jamie and I headed there mostly to take pictures. It rained a bit but we were delighted to find the park almost completely empty. It was quiet and serene even though we could see the city and its construction all around us. There were a group of people playing cricket on a pitch nearby, but we saw relatively few people otherwise.

The Japanese Garden is part of the same park, but we only visited the Bonsai Garden there. Pretty helpful sign posts and the occasional map showed us around. It’s quite a large park, so there would be more to see if I ever went back. Looking at the amount of time I have left here, though, that’s unfortunately unlikely. (Insert sad face emoji here.)

Enjoy the photos and head there for a visit!


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