Exploring Chelsea Market

Sometimes I do shamelessly touristy things.

Walking through Chelsea Market for the sole purpose of taking photos was one of those things. It was also a highly enjoyable way to spend an hour Saturday afternoon. I could have been there for longer, but I always feel oddly conspicuous, a distinguishable face in a sea of faceless, anonymous individuals, when I’m wandering around alone with a camera.

Maybe that’s because I have a tendency to talk to myself when I’m feeling stressed or anxious. For example, I’ve recently developed a practice of recording voice memos on my phone when I can’t sleep and my eyes are too sore to turn on a light. I usually talk for 5-8 minutes, give the memo a name (all of them are currently called “Night” even though all were recorded on the past-midnight side of the day), and save it. Despite the procedure, I’ve never listened to any of them and have no plans to do so.

All that to say, I’m sure no one noticed me walking alone through the market taking pictures.

My Chelsea Market experience had four themes, all of which were enjoyable for their own reasons. Be sure to scroll through the photos because I captioned all but two of them.

Food (the most important aspect of any market):

Things to buy (which I actually did do because I have friends with birthdays coming up):

A little bit of celebrity (because, after all, this is New York):

Cool industrial art and architecture (which is what defines this particular space):

One thing I very much enjoy about New York is the distinct feel of each neighborhood and district. I’m starting to figure out where they’re located in relation to one another (I’m better in certain parts of town than others) and when I’ve crossed from one to the other. For better or for worse, I’m a New Yorker at the moment. Might as well know a thing or two about the place I’m living.

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