Two Days Till Friday

All of my news updates are about Donald Trump, confirmation hearings, and predictions for the Trump presidency that will begin on Friday. A colleague asked me if we’re watching the inauguration in our social studies classes. With high school kids, we might. At the very least, we would pick out clips from the inauguration to watch in class together and discuss. As a middle school, we decided to televise the inauguration in our larger spaces and allow students to watch during their lunch and recess periods. I’ll be curious to see who chooses to do that.

I’m uncomfortable with the way the confirmations hearings have gone, though not surprised in the least. I’m resigned to the idea that my worst fears, which can be summarized as giving power to people who care not at all for other people, will be realized. I don’t like it, but I can no longer say that I’m shocked or astonished or appalled. That is sad in itself.

There’s nothing I can do to change what will happen Friday, but it is important to me to make clear what I stand for.

That’s why I’m attending the Women’s March on NYC on Saturday.

The Women’s March mission statement reads: “To provide a safe and accepting platform for supporters of equality to rally and march in promotion of civil rights for every human regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, religion or creed.”

That’s what I stand for. There’s a lot that I believe the world needs, and this seems like a good place to start.

If you’d like to attend and need a buddy, please reach out through the contact page. I’m happy to include you with my group.

Image credit: The Human First Society

PS I’ve always used “’til” as a shortened form of “until”, but today I decided to look it up (because I aim to learn one new thing every day) and it turns out that “till” actually came before until and doesn’t only mean “cash register” while “’til” is actually etymologically incorrect. So that’s new and exciting for me!

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