Untitled Poetry

I dreamed I couldn’t find you, even though I knew exactly where I’d left you and you told me where you’d be. 
I dreamed I couldn’t find you, even though I looked under every rock and behind every tree in all of those places, right where you should have been.

Sometimes I think you don’t want to be found, that you take a moment off alone just to be alone. 
I understand because I do that, too, or I take the road less travelled, the unbeaten path, just to see where it will go and to be away for a while.
Usually, I find, I haven’t been missed. 
I like the solitude of airplanes because I can step away without explanation.

It didn’t make sense in my dream that I couldn’t find you, and my dream self knew it. 
So I looked around, bemused.
You were there, somewhere, because you said you’d be.

Instead I closed my eyes and waited.

And when I opened them again,
you were right in front of me.

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