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This is a picture that I posted over the summer after coming back from a couple weeks in Israel and a day in Jordan. We went on an ATV tour near the Syrian border and explored this abandoned Soviet hospital from 1952, which I still can’t get out of my head (maybe because this picture is my computer background). I love a few things:

– the Hebrew graffiti
– the “Cuckoo’s Nest”-like hallway
– the starkness of the light
– that the eye really travels through the photo

I’m rather proud of this picture, and amazed at how much has changed in the world since 1952 when the Soviets built and abandoned a hospital in what was once British Palestine.

Eat, Drink, and Take Pictures

A good portion of the last 24 hours have centered around food and drink, though not in that order. Last night, a group of us went to Flight Wine Bar for, you guessed it, flights of wine. All of Flight’s flights (haha) come in groups of three, which meant we had quite a lot of wine on the table.

Flights at Flight

Being a place that specializes in wine, Flight also has more options that one could possibly go through. The ladder is my favorite part.

Wine Collection

A couple days ago I came across a recipe for vegan shawarma, which was really exciting because shawarma was my favorite Israeli dish before I stopped eating red meat a few years ago. And wow, was this good! I served it on a bed of lettuce with kalamata olives and delicious tzatziki on the side.


Towards the back of the plate is a mixture of sweet potatoes, mushrooms, kale, and red quinoa. Also rather delicious.

Another food picture

Bon appétit!