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Music to My Ears

The ways in which parts become wholes has always been intriguing to me, which is probably why I love to cook. I love to create, and I am fascinated with the process of creation. It’s incredible to think of how distinct pieces, any pieces, can fit together to make something completely different, like a road, an airplane, a jigsaw puzzle, even a garden.

Today’s photography post, however, focuses on lighter subject matter. Somehow, thanks to some clever people, these pieces . . .

Part SixPart One Part Two  Part Four Part Five

Part Seven
Part Three





became this  . . .

The Whole


And music, previously inaccessible by listener discretion, was suddenly available. For everyone. At any time.

Repurposing Records

Disclaimer: We did not invent this. There are actually people who sell these on Etsy. My sister made one a couple years ago.

Repurposing Records

Nevertheless, E and I were rather proud of our record bowl. I’m the first to admit that I’m not an artistic person, so it should come as no surprise that we made multiple attempts at making our bowl. E and I are, unfortunately, perfectionists. When we asked for advice before beginning, my sister told us not to worry. She said that the record would be quite pliable, and she was right.

How to make your very own record bowl so you don’t have to buy one on Etsy (honestly, people make money on these things?!):
-Preheat oven to 225º
-Place a glass bowl face down on a cookie sheet and lay the record on top
-Place cookie sheet/bowl/record on bottom rack of oven for 4-8 minutes
-Remove from oven. The record will have dropped down around the sides of the bowl and will be flexible. Shape the record however you’d like. Hold in place for a few minutes to let record harden
-Flip record over and marvel at your handiwork!

Happy bowl making!