Is it really only Wednesday?

Every Wednesday (or, more honestly, most Wednesdays) I send a message to a group of friends wishing them a happy hump day, happy Wednesday, happy we’re halfway through the week, or some derivative of that. This Wednesday, I included a question:

Does anyone else feel like this week has gone on forever?

I received a variety of entertaining responses, which I have edited (though not as much as I thought I’d have to) for proper grammar and spelling:

“Yes. I’ve been in meetings all week, so time has been dragging. But a new puppy is hanging at my place all the time, so it makes up for the long days at work!” (He even included a picture of the puppy!)

“I actually thought it was Thursday when I woke up! This week is absolutely dragging!”

“I agree! It needs to end now but feels like it never will!”

“We’re over halfway there!! I agree, though, this week *expletive expletive!*”

“Happy Wednesday! It has been a long week! But the long weekend ahead makes it a little better.”

(Note: It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day here in the US on Monday, which is a school holiday, bank holiday, and federal government holiday. This means that some luck folks, myself included, have Monday off.)

Anyone else? Has this been a long week? But as my friends reminded me, we’re all in this together and we’re more than halfway there! Turn up your volume and smile. We can do this.

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