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Be Kind

This morning I went for an early run before work. Since I live in a cold(ish) climate, summer is marked by building and road construction. There has been ongoing work to replace and fix drain pipes in one particular neighborhood since May. I’ve watched the work progress from the fifth block of a ten-block section of the city and finally loop back onto the nearest main street.

Today, however, I also had the pleasure of observing an act of kindness that helped renew my increasingly jaded view of humanity. A minivan stopped next to three construction workers who were standing behind several orange cones.  I watched as one of the workers walked over to talk to the driver. When he stepped back behind the cones and the van drove off, he was holding a box of a dozen donuts from the Dunkin’ Donuts a block away.

The construction workers looked at each other, baffled, and grinned. They looked over at me across the street and I could think of nothing else to do but join their smiles.

Is it really only Wednesday?

Every Wednesday (or, more honestly, most Wednesdays) I send a message to a group of friends wishing them a happy hump day, happy Wednesday, happy we’re halfway through the week, or some derivative of that. This Wednesday, I included a question:

Does anyone else feel like this week has gone on forever?

I received a variety of entertaining responses, which I have edited (though not as much as I thought I’d have to) for proper grammar and spelling:

“Yes. I’ve been in meetings all week, so time has been dragging. But a new puppy is hanging at my place all the time, so it makes up for the long days at work!” (He even included a picture of the puppy!)

“I actually thought it was Thursday when I woke up! This week is absolutely dragging!”

“I agree! It needs to end now but feels like it never will!”

“We’re over halfway there!! I agree, though, this week *expletive expletive!*”

“Happy Wednesday! It has been a long week! But the long weekend ahead makes it a little better.”

(Note: It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day here in the US on Monday, which is a school holiday, bank holiday, and federal government holiday. This means that some luck folks, myself included, have Monday off.)

Anyone else? Has this been a long week? But as my friends reminded me, we’re all in this together and we’re more than halfway there! Turn up your volume and smile. We can do this.