Falling to Pieces

Have you looked at the news lately?

Have you wondered?

Have you sighed?

Have you cried?

Every so often I start thinking about everything going wrong in my corner of the planet and then I am rudely and sharply awoken to real troubles, real suffering, real horror.

After the hostage crisis in Sydney, an Australian colleague commented, “And just before Christmas, too.”

It doesn’t matter when terrible things happen; it matters that terrible things happen. It matters that the world allows such things to happen. There has always been death and destruction and racism and bigotry and hated and corruption. There has always been sexism and xenophobia and epidemics and terror and theft and murder. Have instances of such occurrences increased over the years, or am I more aware now than I used to be? (I suspect it’s a bit of both.)

Regardless of the reason behind the prevalence of such awful events in the news, I think the next question is the most important: Now what?

Now. What.

How do we stop it? How do we help? How do we raise awareness? Raise money? Increase compassion? Improve education? How do we, as concerned people of the world, ensure that our children and their children grow up in a happier, safer, more united world that the one we are experiencing today? What do we do?

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