Experience SG50: Check!

Well, I’ve crossed SG50 off my “To Do” list. And what an experience! I went to the Gardens by the Bay with a friend to see what we could see of the fireworks. They were happening in Marina Bay, so we were located behind them. I thought we had a pretty good view until I saw photos from friends who spent way more time and energy than we did, managing to get into the Marina Bay area. However, we enjoyed seeing the Gardens by the Bay all lit up! I’ll have to go back soon in the daylight to tour and explore the Gardens. I think you’ll see why in a minute. Intriguing and unique, to say the least.

A quick note: These are iPhone photos taken in the dusk and then the dark. Quality is terrible. I should have brought my real camera, but alas, I forgot it.

If you’re still unsure, those mushroom things are the Gardens by the Bay. Mitch and I talked about going once but we never made it there. Looking forward to exploring further!

Happy Jubilee, Singapore!

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