Chasing Shadows

It’s one of those strange weeks in the world of weather that starts off cold, with frost warnings and the smell of winter in the air, but it’s supposed to be 70° tomorrow, which is so bizarre for this time of year. The kids will certainly enjoy trick-or-treating without parkas! I remember Halloweens with snow on the ground.

These are photos of the exact same spot. In the first one I turned my camera towards the tree in background, and in the second one I focused on the shadows on the side of the garage. Which is better more interesting? More aesthetically pleasing? A more successful attempt at photography?

To the treeShadows

Today in Global History

Today in Global History 9 we continued our study of Sparta and Athens. Here’s a cute video that I showed my freshmen. It’s not perfect, it might not even be considered good, but it gets across important aspects of Spartan life and always invites a slew questions.

Click on the screenshot below to watch! It’ll only take 3 minutes of your time and you’ll probably learn a thing or two.


Afternoon Coffee

I don’t typically take myself out for coffee on weekday afternoons, but I did today. This is the inside of Starry Nites Cafe, one of my favorite haunts.

Starry Nites

The “dining area,” for lack of a better term, is another room that you can glimpse underneath the chalkboard. There’s a tiny table in a corner that I love, but someone else clearly loves it, too. As a result, I sat at one of two tables right by the door, which let me watch the eclectic customers wander in. Naturally, I had a book to hide my peeking.

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