I Saw

Some news came from home earlier this week, the kind of news that you start to expect at a certain point but are still caught utterly unprepared when it comes.

And I’ve been away a long time.

We had a storm last night that was more wind than rain. The wind persisted throughout the day but the sun came out in full force this morning. The leaves turned gold and sparkled. A friend and I have been tracking the colour changes in a certain tree and almost all the green is gone now. There was so much green on Monday.

The sun came out this morning, and so did a rainbow.

I don’t believe in signs, but I also don’t not believe in signs. A roommate in university told me she saw ghosts at the end of my bed. I shrugged. Maybe she did. I have enough of them, though I didn’t know it at the time.

I don’t believe in signs, but this morning I saw a rainbow.

I saw a rainbow, and when I opened the window to take a photo for a friend, it slowly faded away. I laughed, put down the camera, and looked up again. There it was.

Call it a sign, if you’d like. I’ll take it. Regardless, it was a reminder to look, and appreciate, and breathe.

Weimar, Germany – October 2021

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