I know little about Einstein and relativity and understand even less.

I know that time is relative in the colloquial sense for it seems to speed up or slow down based on how busy, anxious, excited we are.

Time is cooperative based on our expectations and experiences, which has nothing to do with time itself.

Time has gone faster since I’ve gotten older because there’s more to look back upon, as well as greater consideration of what is to come.

Time is a construct of minutes, hours, days, calendar pages. Time is sunrise and sunset, too early or too late or not long enough.

Right now, time is waiting. And time will continue when the waiting ends. Time is an indicator of the present rather than a means to mark the past or future.

I know I set my watch back six hours when I landed here and in just under a week I’ll set it forward again. Time will not have changed.

It is I, instead, who have changed.

Lake Bled, Slovenia – January 2020

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